Racket Guide
Shape of Padel Rackets

A padel racket consists of a core made of rubber and an exterior made of either fiberglass or carbon fiber, it can also consist of a combination of both. Even though fiberglass is a bit cheaper and carbon fiber is more expensive both materials are quite fragile. The more advanced rackets are therefore often made of carbon fiber.

Something you should look for when buying your new racket is the weight. A racket weighs anywhere between 355-395 grams. A light racket is between 355-375 grams and a heavier one between 375 - 395 grams. Normally, beginners, ladies and juniors use light rackets and men who play a lot use heavier rackets. The heavier the racket is, the harder it is to handle but it also gives more power when hitting the ball.

Round shape

A round shape on the padel racket is the easiest shape to play with. The so-called "sweet spot" - the middle of the point of impact is centered in the middle. If you prefer playing a controlled game, the round shape is the one for you.

Teardrop shape

A teardrop shape is a mix between a round racket and a diamond shaped racket. Accordingly, it has both power and control. This teardrop version is recommended for the average and advanced players.

Diamond shape

A diamond shaped racket is the most difficult racket to play with and is suited for the advanced players. The shape makes the sweet spot higher up on the racket which gives extra power when smashing.

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