Varlion Maxima Summum Prisma W 2022

$369.00 USD
$259.00 USD
Round shape/Teardrop shape


Varlion Maxima Summum Prisma 2022 is the sequel to last year’s success of the same name. Now with a new and exclusive look to match its features. The PRISMA frame provides better aerodynamics and cuts through the air so that you can get a faster swing, while the outer edge of the frame is only a few millimeters wide so you have the smallest possible contact area that can go in the glass when you dig deep for the balls.

Thanks to its hybrid shape between round and drop, with medium balance, Maxima has a large and generous sweetspot and to make this even more generous, Varlion uses its Gradual Holes technology, which means that the holes on the face are drilled in different sizes. The holes are made larger the closer to the frame they come to compensate for the stiffness from the frame and create a more homogeneous feeling over the entire face.

Maxima Summum Prisma also has the unique Summum shape which means that the handle is 2 cm longer than usual and that the impact surface is 1 cm longer than usual. This means that you can more easily hit a two-handed backhand and get a greater leverage effect in the blows and can generate more power.

The core is Varlion’s Winter core which is a softer core that gives a good bounce and is adapted for games below 25 degrees. On the surface, Varlion in an exclusive collaboration with Italy’s largest manufacturer of carbon fiber has used a 12K carbon fiber that is used in well-known brands such as Ferrari. The carbon fiber gives a very good exit on the ball without becoming too stiff and is then in the actual color seen in the picture instead of being painted. This gives a better feeling from the carbon fiber. The direction of the carbon fiber is also rotated 45 degrees to create a 3D effect that allows more carbon fiber threads to be used with each stroke and you can use the racket material to the max.

Unique to Varlion’s rackets is also the way the strap is attached to the handle itself instead of to the knob. This means that the strap is more or less impossible to tear off. This model is made 100% by hand in Spain and Varlion’s very own factories.


Weight: 340g-365g

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