Varlion LW Summum Carbon Black 2022

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LW Summum Carbon Black 2022 is the successor to Varlion’s immensely popular LW Summum. Thanks to its round shape, with medium balance, LW has a large and generous sweetspot.

To make this even more generous, Varlion uses its Gradual Holes technology, which means that the holes on the face are drilled in different sizes. The holes are made larger the closer to the frame they come to compensate for the stiffness from the frame and create a more homogeneous feeling over the entire face.

LW Summum also has the unique Summum shape which means that the handle is 2 cm longer than usual and that the striking surface is 1 cm longer than usual. This means that you can more easily hit a two-handed backhand and get a greater leverage effect in the blows and can generate more power.

The core is medium hard to give a good response and a high feeling in the blows. The frame has a Hexagon shape in 100% carbon fiber and in order not to make the racket too stiff then double layers of fiberglass are used together with a hard EPOXY layer. This gives a soft and lovely feeling where it is easy to find power.

Unique to Varlion’s rackets is also that the structure of the surface layer is cast in the mold and that the way the strap is attached to the handle itself instead of in the knob. This means that the strap is more or less impossible to tear off.


Weight: 355g-365g

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