Bullpadel Vertex 03 Comfort 2023

$273.00 USD
$191.00 USD


Enjoy the best sensations hitting the ball hard with the latest edition of the Vertex 03 CMF padel tennis racket, a model that you can find in the advanced series of Bullpadel 2023. It is part of the official series of Martín Di Nenno products, as well incorporating your signature and logo. On the track it stands out for its power since it presents a diamond mold with high balance.

However, it is not as technical as the Vertex 03 since its materials are more flexible. So the frame is made of carbon but the surface combines carbon with fiberglass, the so-called Fibrix technology. It also has sand-like roughness as well as the multieva core for a more comfortable touch. Finally, it has Air Channel technology and an anti-vibration system.