Footgel Shoe Insoles

$19.00 USD


A grade 1 sanitary-certified insole developed to prevent and relieve foot, knee, and lower back pain with a 30.9% shock absorption level.

Footgel Padel insoles are specifically recommended for athletes who want to play for longer, relieving pain in the feet, knees and lower back and leaving you free to enjoy your padel games to the max.

- Manufactured in Spain, with VEGAN Certification and EUROPEAN Medical Device Certification that guarantees the highest quality.
- On-court cushioning and comfort make every game even more fun.
- Protect your feet, knees, and lower back from injury with a unique triple layer of fabric, high-density foam, and maximum cushioning.
- They keep perspiration under control with 100% antibacterial foam and microfibre fabric that absorbs eight times its weight in water and dries super-fast.
- Impregnated with the scent of eucalyptus and machine washable.
- Designed to fit your padel shoes to perfection