Nox ML10 Pro Cup Rough Surface 2022

$195.00 USD
Round shape


The ML10 Pro Cup Rough Surface racket has the same characteristics as the legendary ML 10 PRO CUP the only nuance is that it has a rough touch on the surface. It is round in shape with a lighter than average weight. Take advantage of a renowned racket that has proven itself for many years to progress and achieve your goals!

Its surface is composed of a layer of fiberglass and a second layer made of a metallic finish, which brings more explosiveness during attack shots. The rough finish is made of silica sand which provides greater spin and a better feel with each strike of the ball.

The ML10 Pro Cup Rough Surface stands out with its unparalleled comfort, great power and durability thanks to the rigidity of its carbon frame.

The core of the Nox racket is composed of HR3 core technology, it is a memory foam which accelerates its recovery of form, giving the racket greater punching power as well as unparalleled maneuverability. You will be able to make the most of this high-end padel racket.


Weight: 360g-370g

Please specify in your order your preferred weight!